As a college professor I have found that after more than 30 years of teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology and upper level General Biology that most of the images that are representative in the texts were not satisfying the needs for my courses. I set out to create a database of images across the disciplines of Human Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology, Botany and Microbiology that would be used in my classes and subsequently in laboratory manuals and textbooks.

This database currently has more than 4000 images available both in static and interactive formats. All digital images are in both color and black and white minimally at 300 dpi at 2000 - 5000 pixels ad rendered in both tiff and jpeg formats. Images are available both labeled and unlabeled and can be formatted in review formats, static individual formats and self-assessment formats with mouse-overs. All images are available individually, by systems, or by discipline.

The image libraries can be obtained in CD or DVD formats and designed to your specifications at reasonable pricing.

I welcome you to review through a sample of what is available. Whatever image you need, we can supply. I am an independent photographer and am not affiliated with any publishing organization. We can therefore provide images based on classroom and practical experience and very reasonable costs

Our image libraries and imaging software is presently being used by the following:

• Blue Door Publishing • Outernet Publishing • McGraw-Hill Publishers
• South Plains College (Tx) • University of Massachusetts • Indiana University
• Bringham Young University • Golden West College (Ca) • Boston University
• University of Texas at Tyler • University of Texas at Galveston • Antelope Valley College (Ca)
• University of Pennsylvania • Humber College (Ontario) • United State Navy Surgical Training at San Diego
• Tennessee State University • University of Oregon • University of Virginia
• Boston College • Middlesex County College • Blue Door Publications
  • Cache House  

We also provide specialty photography for individuals and realty services, both individual portraits, residential photography, brochures, flyers and panoramic viewing. For a sample of our specialty services, please click here

Please feel free to contact us directly at 732-513-1103 or via email at Anatomical Imaging to discuss your imaging needs, projects, manuals and texts.